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How is New Construction Different than Existing Homes

How is New Construction Different than Existing Homes

New home construction is just that, NEW, you are the first to live in it. This “newness” is what makes it so appealing to buyers. No updates are required such as swapping out appliances, countertops, flooring, or fixtures, to make them current. No repainting or redoing someone else’s design/decorating choices, no repairs have to be made whatsoever, and no existing problems need to do be dealt with. New construction really is “Move in Ready.”

With a new home comes the ability to choose and customize the design of the home, all determined by YOUR specific wants, needs and budget. This includes landscaping, architectural style, exterior colors and materials, interior choices from top to bottom. Best part, there are no costly renovations to orchestrate or to live with; it is already designed the way you want before you move in.

There is a trend with new construction to offer amenities. These are features that benefit the entire community like a clubhouse, health and fitness center, swimming pool, park, tennis court, putting green, movie theater, gated entrance, lawn care, snow removal, the list goes on. Amenities included with new home construction are determined on the price point of the communities.

New homes today most always include high efficiency rated appliances, features and construction that are economically smart and ecologically responsible, providing a lifetime of value to you while sustaining our environment. In addition to the money saved, an added benefit is your home will be more comfortable and durable.

It is worth pointing out that a sale of new construction occurs with the signing of a sales contract or the acceptance of a deposit. The house can be in any stage of construction not yet started, under construction, or already completed. Typically about 25% of the houses are sold at the time of completion. The remaining 75% are evenly split between those not yet started and those under construction.

Because of how new construction is different than existing, the majority of home buyers prefer a new home to an existing one. Interested to learn more, contact Paula & Co and we would be more than happy to share additional information.

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