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The First of 365 Days Almost Made Me Throw Up

The First of 365 Days Almost Made Me Throw Up

I’d never written something and published it before. On social media or anywhere else. Real stories about my life.

Being vulnerable and real, removing the mask.

It’s been exactly a year since I began.

I’d joined a mastermind group of other like-minded entrepreneurs. Where I was introduced to another group. I was compelled to join, based on the description.

“It means you hold in your heart the desire to be a part of something bigger than yourself. To inspire the uninspired. To tell Stories, make a difference, and be a World changer.”

While I love working with investors, home buyers and sellers, helping them earn max profit and protecting them from making fundamental mistakes.

I also needed to be doing more, in addition to that.

Because it resonated with me, I joined. I got the philanthropy part of it. Where thousands of $s are donated to local nonprofits every quarter. In several communities throughout the country.

However, I didn’t know about the writing part. But since I’d committed to other people, what choice did I have.

There was no turning back. I jumped in.

Five times a week there’s a topic. Having to do with Mind, Body, Business or Relationships.

You write and then share it on Facebook and anywhere else.

What I learned is there is power in facing your fears rather than surrendering to them.

You see, I was terrified. Not only did I never think of myself as a writer, I sure as heck never thought I’d share. Certainly not on Facebook.

But I pushed myself into doing it, leaving the comfortable behind. I about threw up when I had to press share for the very first time.

I struggled with my mind and was in turmoil. I never thought I could press that button.

Will, anyone, even read it? If they do, what will they think? Will they laugh at my writing, analyzing it for mistakes?

I didn’t throw up, and I lived. Nobody laughed, at least not to my face. And if they did, now it really doesn’t matter.

Because by embracing a challenge based life you develop a thicker skin. Other people’s opinions don’t matter as much as your own.

The fact that there were others in the trenches doing what I was doing also helped. We bonded together.

Because I was writing for others, I didn’t expect the benefits I received.

The response and connections have been humbling and life changing. Thank you for that.

Although I am far from perfect, I’ve become a better person. More in touch with who I am and who I want to become. I’ve reconnected with my family. I’m healthier and 20 pounds lighter.

It’s brought things into my life and led me to do things I wouldn’t have done.

New experiences and business opportunities have appeared.

I never thought I’d write a book, but I have. I’ve enough content to publish at least two more. Even if I don’t, my children will have a written legacy of my life.

I’ve recently started working out a couple times a week. Thanks to my friends Ryan and CJ. Through a 28 day challenge.

Working out is something I never thought I’d do.

Robert, an expert in the Real Estate Investment Group I belong to, is hosting the first Impact Club 5K.

My first thought was I’d never do that.

But again, from storytelling writing it’s been proven.

To never say never.

Because you don’t know what you can and will do.

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